About Us

We are a team of scientists and entrepreneurs that work to help the millions of people around the world that live withchronic wounds. We have developed a groundbreaking cure and have worked ceaselessly to be able to make it available for every patient in need.

Our dream is to devote our lives to finding solutions to health problems through pharmaceutical biotechnology.


We created a definitive solution for a chronic problem

Our gel brings hope to chronic wounds patients, who live with pain and the concern of amputation. We achieved this by working through the three key initial stages of drug development:


We perfected a formula that combines molecules and enzymes into a gel that cures chronic wounds.

Pre-Clinic Studies

We are performing pre-clinical studies in animals, to make sure we are ready to test it in humans.

Clinic Studies

We tested our gel in exploratory clinical studies, with patients suffering different types of chronic wounds. The cure was possible in 100% of cases.

Now we are ready to help
the 120 million people in need
for a solution worldwide.

Our Team

We are a solid multidisciplinary team working hand in hand to cover the different key areas of drug development, to bring definite solutions to this chronic problems.

Winner Samsung Innova



We have been honoured and encouraged with a variety of awards, that confirmed just how important our development is:


2010 - Winner
XLIII Congreso de la Sociedad Argentina Farmacología experimental
2011 - First Prize
Second international Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2011 - Winner Prize
Fourth International Simposium of Lactic Acid Bacteria
2013 - First Prize
Third International Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2014 - First Prize
Second Ibero Latin American Congress of ulcers and wounds


2015 - Winner Business idea
IAE Business School
Austral University
2016 - Winner Scientific Entrepreneurship
Biotech and
2017 - Winner
SINAPTEC, organizated by Stanford University, LATIPNET Foundation and Government of the City of Buenos Aires.
2018- Winner
IMPACTEC, organizated by the Ministry of Modernization and Innovation of the City of Buenos Aires and Singularity University (SU)
2018 - Finalist
100K Latam
Organized by MIT and ITBA
2018 - Winner
Samsung Innova
Organized by Samsung
2018 - Winner
Organized by the Balseiro Institute

Our goal is huge,
and so is our supported system:

International publications

Since the development of the chronic wound healer, we have been invited to participate in scientific papers and books from all over the world:


Biofilms: Formation, Development and Properties.


Biological and chemical studies to support the use of Lactobacili as a strategy for control of biofilm producing bacteria.


Probiotics: immunobiotics and immunogenics.


Regulación del Quórum Sensing de Pseudomonas por Productos Naturales.


Uso potencial de probióticos en el tratamiento de heridas crónicas.


Biotecnología Farmacéutica: medicamentos de origen biológico.