About us

We are an Argentinian team of scientists and entrepreneurs with vast experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, working ceaselessly to improve the lives of patients in need from all over the world, who suffer pain and amputations from chronic wounds.

We accomplished what seemed to be impossible: curing chronic wounds.

A public health problem that involves the suffering of 120 million people that deal with chronic pain, infections, amputations, depression, insomnia, etc. while costing billions of dollars a year in wound management to public health systems. Our gel has earned us the recognition of various institutions such as: Singularity University, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Stanford University, Balseiro Institute, IAE Business School, among others and we have obtained the first prize in several National and International Scientific Congresses. As a result, we have been published in books and papers from the USA, Japan and Spain.

Singularity University chose to invest in Untech, among 23 companies participating in the Innovation Hub.

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We obtained the first prize in Everis 2017, Spain.

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Our team

Rubén C. Salim Brovia

CEO & Co-Founder

Leads commercial and financial aspects of the project.
He has a degree in business administration, specialist and university professor in marketing. As a technology entrepreneur, he was CEO and co-founded 4 technology startups in Argentina, Spain, Portugal and the US.

Alberto N. Ramos Vernieri

CTO & Co-Founder

Leads the R&D aspects of the project.He has a degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry, a PhD in biochemistry and postdoctoral studies in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Immunology. He led a research on chronic wounds for 15 years and has won several awards at international congresses, publishing papers and books on the matter. He is the main inventor of this technology for which he was awarded the Ten Outstanding Young persons award by the Junior Chamber International.

Romina M. Chávez Jara

COO & Partner

Leads the preclinical aspects of the project.
She has a degree in Genetics and a PhD in Biological Sciences and has international training (NIH) in the design and execution of biological tests on animals. She has led the largest epidemiological and economic study of chronic wounds in Latin America and in her doctoral and postdoctoral studies, she studied the action mechanism of Untech, by which she is one of the inventors of the patent that protects this technology.

Nicolás A. Cerusico

CCO & Partner

Leads the clinical aspects of the project.
He has a degree and a PhD in Biochemistry and has international training in GCP (NIH). In his doctoral and postdoctoral studies he studied the physiopathology of chronic wounds developing various applied technologies, for which he was nominated by MIT Technology Review as one of the Innovators under 35 in Latin America. He is one of the inventors in the patent (US) that protects Untech technology.

Our board

Facundo Garreton


He is an entrepreneur and Congressman from Tucumán (Argentina). He is an entrepreneur, founded InvertirOnline.com, ASEA and founding director of SociaLab and also a member of the Endeavor network. He has a postgraduate degree from Boston University, where he focused on banking and financial services.

Aída E. Sterin Prync

Regulatory Issues

Degree in Biological Cs and Master in Biological Cs performing in basic and applied research in Biotechnology and Cellular Biology in Argentina and Israel. She is a consultant in Biotechnology projects in the Chamber of Medical Diagnostic Institutions (CA.DI.ME) and in the Foundation for Productive and Technological Business Development of Argentina (DPT Foundation).

Marcelo Pablo Grabois

Intelectual Property

He is a specialist in Technological Bonding and Industrial Property Agent. He has founded and directs the first Private Competitive Intelligence Center of Argentina (ITERA), and has provided Intellectual Property and Intelligence services in technology business strategies to more than 450 international and national companies and institutions such as PWC, GEMA Biotech, INVAP, Sancor .

Diego García

Industrial Design

He is an industrial designer. Founder and director of Estudio Alpina, a company dedicated to the development and innovation of products through design. Professor in the UBA Industrial Design career. Co-founder of Nodobjetos, a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of everyday objects.

Gustavo Garrido


Co-founder of Estudio Garrido Abogados. He has a master’s degree in law from Duke University School of Law. He has worked at the Chiomenti Studio in Rome and as a foreign associate in the New York office of Sullivan & Cromwell. He specializes in commercial law and particularly in Mergers, Acquisitions and Entrepreneurship.